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Copy Trading Service

No missing signals or guesswork.
Trades are from a TRUE Professional using BOTH Technical and Fundamental Analysis
It's completely hands off trading YOUR Forex account, so you don't have to! Sit back and collect!
It's completely FREE from up front costs and the funds remain in YOUR Forex account.
You keep 50% of profits. Send us a wire transfer for part of PROFITS every 30 trading days.
Expected profit is 300 to 1,000 points per day. At 0.35 lots this amounts to $105 to $350 per day > $53 to $175 Per Day to YOU.
Income will compound as due to lot size increase as balance grows with smart money management. For example 0.7 lots following week!

Conservative Scaling Projection:

Draw #1
After 30 Trading Days:
Potential target of approximately 10+ lots at withdrawal of 20% after trading day 30:

Per Week: Total Profit Possible Projection ($500+ starting balance)
1: $750
2: $1,500
3: $3,000
4: $6,000
5: $12,000

Withdraw 20% = $4,650 => $2,325 to YOU

Draw #2
Profit per Week After 30 More Trading Days ($19,100 starting balance):
1: $15,000
2: $30,000
3: $60,000
4: $120,000
5: $240,000

Withdraw 20% = $96,820 => $48,410 to YOU
... and so on.


1) Sign up for our approved broker, verify, and fund the account for $500+ (Mini or Standard) and select 1:500 leverage: Click Here (Accepts Americans)

2) Complete and sign 1 page agreement and submit along with a clear closeup photo of your photo ID and proof of address such as last month's utility bill.

3) Send Pax Forex login and start watching your account balance rise!*

*Forex trading does bear risk and it is possible although EXTREMLY unlikely that you may lose your investment.

Contact us through the chat for more info!