Moving Average Candle Cross Indicator
60 Seconds/ 5 Minutes Arrow & Sound for MT4 / MT5

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This 60 seconds/ 5 Minutes binary options trades indicator named BOIS MC gives signals when a candle crosses the (trend line) indicating a strong reversal. See the yellow and green arrows above for a live chart example. The signals come early as price is just crossing the trend line which is a HUGE advantage. As soon as the trend line is broken by the faster moving average by X pips a sound alert and clear forex / asset pair display will pop up. No need to analyze the chart just hear the custom sound alert which states the pair such as: "AUD CAD Call" or "Euro J-P-Y Put" and immediately place the trade on your broker platform. Now you can have not only a visual cue but an audible one for your trades!

Input options include: custom arrows size and color and many proven filters against false signals.

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