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Our binary options trading signals indicator system has been tried and tested since January 24th, 2016 with PROOF shown in ongoing screen shots of regular trading session results. There are even demonstration videos. 9 MT4 / MT5 binary options trade ex4 & ex5 files give you signals with sound alerts so you don't have to keep staring at the charts for the alerts. All of these indicators do NOT repaint. The 60 second binary options trade signals are displayed as arrows above and below the candle right before the trade should be placed. Our signals are always live and real-time. This MT4 / MT5 signals indicator trading system works well for any of our Recommended Binary Brokers. This is by far one of the most accurate binary options trading signals software systems on the market!

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MT4 / MT5 chart indicator sound alerts help you avoid missing key signals and keep your trading smoother. It works on all Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems. Mac Install Instructions | MT4 for Mac | See also: Custom Windows, MAC, and Linux Compatible (With NO Wine Required) MT4 / MT5. You will have a pop up window like the one below with a sound alerting you to make the trade if you so decide after checking the chart for a quick analysis and looking for the best entry.

There are just 3 simple steps for using this binary options trading system any time the market is open on your MT4 / MT5 chart:

1) Hear the sound alert and/ or read the signal.
2) Enter the Trade:

For the BOIS JWB indicator the trades should typically be entered right away without even glancing at the MT4 / MT5 chart. When you are zoomed out all the way you will see the overall trend. If the signal is with the trend you can take either a 5 minutes trade or 60 seconds trade. If the signal is against the trend you should take a 60 seconds trade. I personally prefer to just keep it simple with all 60 seconds scalps. If you lose you can re-enter right before, at, or after the expiry depending on the momentum. If the momentum against the signal is strong you can wait for it to cease or reach the bollinger band before re-entry. You should also note the support and resistance (S/R) levels as you look left (see strategies #10 below for more about S/R).

The BOIS CB, BOIS SR, & BOIS SC signals should be entered right away as soon as momentum against the signal has ceased.

3) Martingale (re-entry) as Necessary (optional):
It is recommended that you do a quick analysis of the chart ahead of reaching a loss so you can determine a good set up as per the trading tips below for a good re-entry (2nd, 3rd, etc.) at 2 to 3 times the prior trade. There's a re-entry calculator on the trading tools page.


Q: I have XYZ MT4 / MT5 installed with a certain set up that I'm just getting used to. This won't mess with that, will it I assume that I would be able to set up and save another template with your system, right?
A: Yes. It wont effect your template it'll be separate. You can switch templates any time. Just save your set up you have now as a template and you can revert to it any time. Just right click on the chart window and select Template > Save Template. Right click and select the BOIS template.

Q: Does this work for 5 minute trades?
A: Yes all of the indicators included in the system work well for 5 minutes trading. However there are times when going against strong trends that martingale off of an outer band/ SR will be required.

Q: Which pairs does this work well with?

Q: Where is the download link for the system?
A: You will be emailed the trading system files once we confirm your broker funding and verification under OUR link... OR that you sent payment.

Q: Can you also trade other expiry times? Like 15-min, 30-min?
A: I have honestly not tested this but you are welcome to do so in demo. Upon taking a look at a 30 min chart it seems it will work fine. One reason I don't like 15 and 30 minutes trades is that it just takes SOO long to do a re-entry. You're at 1 1/2 hours already to do 2 re-entries on a trade. It can keep you quite glued to your screen and I like to just get ITM or re-entry ITM and get out. Plus longer trades give more time for the news to butt in. With shorter trades you have less chance of getting caught off guard by a sudden random spike due to a news event.

Q: I have tried many indicators and nothing has worked. How do I know that this is going to work?
A: The system is proven over several months. As long as you stay focused and follow it carefully I'm confident you will be good.

Q: How many signals a day do you get on average per pair?
A: BOIS Gold Trading System which includes the JWB & BOIS CB with the 8 or 9 pairs open on MT4 / MT5 gives about 4-10 strong signals/ hour on average. They tend to come in waves one after another. The BOIS Platinum Trading System which includes 5 additional indicators gives up to 3x more signals.

Q: Does this system also work for stocks?
A: I have honestly not tested this. Forex works so I am happy with that. But you are welcome to test in demo as long as your MT4 / MT5 has stocks. FXPro does.

Q: When do I place a trade? What indicates a trade is ready for a put or call (The arrows?)
A: When you get a signal you'll hear the pair sound alert for example, Euro U-S-D Call, and the pop window will display EURUSD ^ CALL : BOIS JWB. Just take the entry right away even before checking the chart. It's only if a loss is pending to check the chart as to why it is losing and re-entering accordingly. For example it is close to the top channel line for a call and is bouncing back down so you could wait for it to reach or get near the bottom channel line / S/R before re-entry. The beauty of the sound alerts vs just watching for arrows is you can be engaged in analysis for the open positions ready to nail the ideal re-entry on any losses and turning them into GAINS.
If you take your time for a quick analysis and wait for conditions for a bounce in the signal's direction your re-entries and therefore risk can be minimized while maximizing profits.

Q: How does your trading system prevent false signals?
A: There are 21 inputs for the CB and JWB indicators which filter against false signals. The SR indicator also has many inputs and is built upon rock solid support and resistance fundamentals. The other indicators are also time tested and proven for quality.

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Binary Options Trading Strategies That Work!

1) Know when to stop trading for the day. For example 10% up. We have found that anything over 20% gain tends to get quite risky. I don't know if it's over confidence or what but somehow losing most or all after breaking 50%, 80%, or 100% gain has been known to happen. A 10-40% gain per day is more stable. Or you can make a goal of 10% gain or 3 wins gain and stop trading at 1st loss or re-entry loss.

The larger you can start with the better. For example, if the minimum trade is $10 and you start with $50 you would have to risk 20% of your balance on your 1st trade.. and even more if you were down one trade. This will put more pressure on you and can cause you to make irrational decisions. And you will be likely pressured to "over trade" in order to reach a sizeable daily gain as a 20% gain on $50 would only be $10 whereas a 20% gain on $500 would be $100. Also with the martingale re-entry strategy you need a larger amount to start. However, we do understand that not everyone can afford to start this high so $250+ is acceptable and can work out just fine with patience and discipline.

Especially for 60 seconds trades you may want to open your broker window half or 60% of your screen and your MT4 / MT5 chart the rest, side by side. This way you can more easily jump from the signal to the pair chart for quick analysis to your broker platform.

Wait for the candle(s) to finish their momentum / expiry if going against the trend / signal and for a pull back (retracement) if going with the trend unless momentum is very strong. For JWB you normally want to enter right away before the pop. Hesitation / late entry on that indicator can cause issues. Practice precise timing and ideal position in demo before you go live to ensure a PROFITABLE rhythm. If you are not winning more than you are losing in demo don't expect to do so in your live account.

For 5 minutes trades on the 1 Minute chart avoid making pull back against the trend trades till the 3rd or 4th pull back against the yellow trend line. See diagram:

Also especially after a loss zoom out and beware of symmetry in the chart (look left) and the strong push of the trend making signals against the trend more risky. 60 second trades often better than 5 minutes in such cases and it is usually best to just wait for the next signal / a major support level for re-entry. See example below:

News Release Long Uptrend

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Here we have a Friday U.S. interest rate hike and other positive USD news. RSI & OA Peaked yet still booming up. WAIT for next signal with XL profile which came off of S/R to take ITM on 2nd entry.

Binary Options Trading Strategy

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5) For 5 minutes trades when going against the trend look for a strong push far from the trend line (50 pips+) as the blue and pink lines usually return to the yellow trend line.

6) Avoid trades where the 3 lines Simple Moving Averages (Yellow, Blue, Pink) are close together as the market movement direction is not clear.

7) If many signals at once choose 1 or 2 best ones. Don't hesitate to pass or wait for a better position (i.e. next 1 or 2 candles) on shaky signals or conflicting signals.

Here's a video with tips on when to do a re-entry and when not to:
Watch Trade Re-Entry Video

Beware of over sold and over bought AO and RSI levels. If the RSI level is at or past the dotted line a pullback/ reversal is likely near.

Optional: Zoom out all the way to draw in your support and resistance lines. Draw in new lines on a daily basis at major pivot points. The new BOIS SR indicator included in the Platinum BOIS Trading System does this automatically and gives sound, arrow, and pop window alerts! Plus a manually drawn horizontal lines forex pair alert sound indicator is included with this package.

See video(s) for drawing SR instructions:

Video 1
Video 2

Looking left for the immediate S/R seems to be the most effective as previous S/Rs may be easily broken especially with strong trends and when there are many stacked up. The current system is solid enough with a simple glance left when necessary. There are also times when the 30m, 1 hr, 4 hr, and daily, and even weekly chart should be referenced for reason for a 1m chart breakout. However taking too long to analyze can also lead to missing the bounce so it can be a bit tricky. Practice and more practice is needed to master the movement : ). Also major news releases like NFP high impact news can tend to lead to breakouts that can even reach 4th or more candle past RSI break so be careful and switch to Large or XL profile for those.

Beware of support and resistance levels. Avoid a put right above a major support level or call right below a resistance level. If a support or resistance level is broken and momentum is strong avoid a re-entry against the trend until the next S/R is reached and a pull back begins.

12) Anticipate a breakout on 3rd or 4th test/ push against of resistance. Especially when the RSI and Awesome Oscillator levels are not peaked.

News releases aside from major news like interest rates or NFP (non farm payroll employment figures) do not have much impact on this system. To be more cautious you can avoid trading right after news releases. Relax, yet focus, and enjoy!

14) This trading system works great any time Asia through US. However, Asia session is preferred (night and morning US hours).

15) Especially for the high speed 60 second time frame trading should also be done on a PC with keyboard and mouse as touch screen or touch pad will not give the speed and accuracy required.

16) You can change the colors and size of the arrows if you wish. Simply do the shortcut Ctrl + I and double click the Indicator then select the Colors tab.

17) Beware of the candle speed. Often the speed and momentum will give cues on direction. But NOT always. It is only one piece of the puzzle for successful trades.

18) Beware of candle wicks. When the lines are pointing up and the wicks are pointing down pass on a put signal. See example below.

19) To scalp or not to scalp? There are times even while targeting 5 minutes trades that you want to opt for a 60 second trade after receiving the signal. It depends on various factors such as support & resistance, moving averages distance from trend line, momentum, candle wicks, RSI & OA levels, and more. For example when a resistance level is broken with momentum up a put becomes risky especially for a 5 minutes trade. When the RSI and Awesome Oscillator levels are peaked a reversal is likely. Conversely if they are at low levels a continuation of momentum is likely with wicks often giving cues as to direction for the next candle. Each chart indication must be checked against other factors. See the diagrams below.

60 Second VS 5 Minutes Trade Diagram

Scalp or Not Scalp Example

This is why I LOVE 60 seconds trades vs. 5m. Whether with or against the trend you can more easily scalp the BOIS JWB & BOIS CB signals. Here's a classic example of a deep ITM 60 sec and loss 5m:

Scalp or Not Scalp Example

20) Stay "cool" and stick with the system. Don't get upset when you lose and make rash trades which cause you to lose more.

21) Do NOT trade while distracted or about to potentially be distracted. It can cause delayed entries / re-entries which lead to losses and being out of sync resulting in further losses.

22) Do NOT trade while the platform is having load / trade execution lag or failure to execute issues for the same reason above in #23. Avoid Spot Option platforms and those with confirmation required. Use platforms with FAST ONE TOUCH TRADE ENTRY ONLY.

23) The signals are not perfect they are a guide. If you analyze the set ups on the chart you can raise your win rate even higher. As you can see below the low RSI level triggered the signal but the upper band was nearing a touch for a drop down with the trend bounce. If it ended up a loss, a 1st re-entry on a 5 minute or 60 seconds trade at the bottom band would have done the trick. : )

Bollinger Bands Bounce Trade

Avoid trading against breakouts:

Avoid Trading Against the Breakout

Wait 2 to 3 candles after breakout for ITM by 2nd entry on both. Or for more aggressive approach go for call 1st candle IF price opened higher than prior candle and/or the candle is above the band for a call, then a put after 3 candles. After 2nd candle if RSI is peaked and price opens lower (for a put) you can enter. If not wait for 3rd candle.:

Binary Options Forex Trading Breakouts

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Time your re-entries wisely:

Band Break Re-Entry

Normally expect momentum to continue up when price opens at or above the prior candle with momentum in that direction. Wait for at or right before candle expiry for entry:

Bollinger Bands Entry Strategy

Avoid having more than 2 open trades at a time. When you have many open trades, especially 60 second trades and you are Out of The Money on all of them it gets too hectic and stressful to try and recover all of them at once so you will end up missing out on one or two recovery trades. Therefore it is better if you can recover one or two pairs at once only.

Freaked out "Trader

25) After taking a winning trade when the market continues in the direction of the arrow and another signal in that direction comes it is best to pass on it as you have already taken the ITM and the risk of OTM increases as the price moves in the direction of the winning trade. See diagram below:

About Binary Option Signals

26) Patience... patience... patience!
When there are no signals for some time you may be tempted to change the profile from Medium to Sm Ranging etc. From experience, while you will get more signals and could possibly earn more this is riskier and you may run into a re-entry snag. Therefore the quality over quantity game is suggested.

27) Don't forget to reset your 1st entry amount after a re-entry win right away! From experience if you forget then quickly put in another trade with the larger amount as 1st entry and lose you will find yourself in a stressful situation.

28) Make it Easier to Arrange Your MT4 / MT5 Beside Broker Window in Browser by Preventing Auto Maximize
1. Open Control Panel > Ease of Access Center
2. Go to “Make the mouse easier to use” and check the item “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.”.
3. Then go to “Make the keyboard easier to use” and uncheck the item “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.”. After applying the settings, if you drag the window to the edge of the screen, it will not be “auto-maximize”; and you can use the function with the hot keys (Win+Up, Win+Left Win+Right,etc.).

29) Adjust the volume of your MT4 / MT5 if necessary. For example if you are watching a video clip and need to turn up the volume turn the MT4 / MT5 volume down so it won't be blasting when a signal comes:

On the far right of your task bar you should see the volume icon:
Windows Volume Adjustment Icon

Right click on it and select Open Volume Mixer:
Windows Volume Control Programs Adjustment

Click and drag open the window / scroll to reveal the program(s) you wish to adjust the volume for such as the MT4 / MT5:
Windows Program Volume Adjustment

30) Which Daily Time Frame to AVOID, Bullet Proof Breakout Protection, 1 Page "Cheat Sheet" for the Indicators, Money Management Strategies, Training Videos, & Tools: Customers ONLY

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