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BOIS Trading System Indicators:
1) BOIS CB: 60 Seconds/ 5 Minutes Indicator based on Bollinger Bands Break/ Bounce. CB is short for Channel Break
PLUS the input settings which ensure a VERY high win rate.
2) BOIS JWB: Over Sold & Over Bought Indicator for 30 Seconds, 60 Seconds, & 5 Minute Trades. Also very high quality over quantity signals.
3) BOIS SR *: 60 Seconds / 5 Minutes Indicator based upon very solid principles of Support & Resistance. This indicator included in the Platinum system gives more signals than CB and JWB combined with solid quality allowing for explosive growth.
4) Price Alert Indicator *: Get an audible & window alert for manually drawn in horizontal support & resistance and/ or strike rate (for example at the Bollinger Band) line.
5) BOIS BB *: Is a Bollinger Bands Bounce indicator based upon confirmation candle among other quality filters.
6) BOIS MC *: Is an indicator based upon Moving Average and Candle cross among other quality filters.
7) BOIS WT *: Is an indicator based upon Moving Averages cross With the Trend among other quality filters.
8) BOIS SC *: This NEW Stochastic Cross Indicator has several quality filters.
9) BOIS PK *: This NEW Peaked MFI, RSI, and Stochastic Levels Indicator has several loss filtering filters.

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60 Seconds Indicators for those who love trading quick expiries!

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